Entrance to Spring Cave.
Thunder Road - stream
which runs through the
Spring Cave.  It is the largest
underground waterway in
entrance to the Spring Cave, Buford Road along South Fork
The Spring Cave is fairly easy to locate by driving southeast from Buford, Colorado, along South Fork of the
White River to the Forest Service Campground. The wooded, switchbacked trail (#1834) is marked from the
campground and heads west about three-quarters of a mile.  After approximately a 45-minute hike, visitors
will arrive at the mouth of the cave.

If planning to visit the cave, please keep in mind safety (flashlights, extra batteries, warm jacket, water,
etc.)  Most importantly, let others know of your trip and your expected return time.  This cave is not for
the faint at heart.  Be careful near water. It is also recommended that visitors bring their own
mountaineering ropes since many areas require a rope to climb up and down.  The ropes left behind can
be of questionable integrity and are many of times in disrepair.


From Meeker, take State Highway 13 east for 1 mile.  Where highway 13 turns north, turn east on Rio Blanco
County Road 8 for 18 miles.  Turn South on Rio Blanco County Road 10 for 12 miles. Follow the road to the
South Fork Campground (Total - 32 miles from the town of Meeker, Colorado).

Inside Map of Spring Cave
Underground waterway or stream in cave, thunder road, spring cave
meeker cave, stalagmite, stalactite, free cave experience
The Spring Cave has two large entrances that
unite into a 120-foot long, 25-foot high, level
floored passage. Making a right turn, the
passage will continue for about another 120 feet
but narrows to a width of 6 feet at the end. There
are several laterals off the main passage; one of
which is named the
Pirates Den Room.  At the
end of the passage is a 10-foot deep pit leading
to an underground stream. The stream, named
Thunder Road, ends like a siphon valve.  The
lower end of this stream passage is the largest
underground waterway in Colorado and thought
to rank among largest in the United States.  The
source of the stream has never been found.